Who needs the federal reserve?

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  1. why do we have to pay interest? maybe the federal reserve can pay the outstanding student loans that people are crying about. I've heard that they clear about 80 billion plus in profits a year...smh....sheesh, how blind are people?
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    All the paper in your wallet is owned by the federal reserve. It is just on loan to you, at interest.
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    The fed can also train your dog and plant an herb garden. With interest.

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  4. A century or so of the great work of Central Banks is here:

    I suggest you watch that before you spout off at the mouth.

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    The instant I heard it was computer-generated voice, I stopped it. And it took literally 2.2443 seconds to hear it. The "central bank" is why your work is worth nothing. You live in a perpetuity of debt.
  6. It's amazing, you should listen to it.
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    I don't need to. It will sound just like it did when WW was president, and signed the central bank into law.

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  9. Please do it, I promise you will like it.
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    That was just Zeitgeist with animation. Nothing new there.

    By the way, please do not expose anyone else to that stupid computer voice ever again, It's awful.
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