Who makes their living from the markets?

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Who makes their living from the markets?

  1. Click here, if you trade for 3+ hours a day or make the majority of your income from investments.

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  2. Click here, if you simply have a passing interest in the markets or the economy and have a normal da

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  1. Just wondering who here makes their living from the markets?

    Please be honest.
  2. I trade 17-20 days of the month full time, glued to screen all day, I piss in a bottle next to me, I time my shits outside market hours, I orderfood and SPRINT to the door to get it. Even when I go on tilt I do not take breaks... not until the software stops me out (luckily doesn't happen too often).

    First year (last 07) in the biz I made 4 figs, paid high 5 figs in comms... this year I also paid high 5 figs in comms but have taken home 6...

    If this gig doesn't keep working out, I'd have to use the money I've saved to pay for college and go back to the real world... meh fuck that!
  3. id rather have complete understanding of one good setup that consistently works... instead of trying to do everything. works for me anyway, jason/c-kid/cold.
  4. Mav88


    why do people keep taking polls then later complain about the lack of honesty in ET?

    dude, this is the internet, why bother?
  5. Was it necessary to have two threads on the same topic?
  6. Ivan,

    I didn't think this thread had been sent when I decided to make it a poll. Feel free to delete one of them.