Who make the dirty money?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ORM, Aug 17, 2007.

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    I am not surpriced. Yesterday banks and finance shares went to the roof on NYSE in a weak market. I think it was more than 3%. Today FED reduces the rate 0.5 %.

    Who made the dirty money? Who knew this before it happened?

  2. The money center banks.
  3. I don't think you'll get any confessions.:D
  4. I assuming a lot of these money managers are thrilled because they bought across the board going into the close. The sheep wake up today, and just realize that the fed saved their ass.. well at least for the moment.

    Also, if you noticed the futures did tick up starting 10-15 minutes before the announcment. Looks like a few people knew.
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    great question, seems they all found out around 3pm yesterday

    i guess this is what is called market manipulation?
  6. Who cares, the markets are on fire just now - long or short, trade it, dont fucking marry it!

    'surprice surprice'
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    That is what I fear. Too often you see this before the news come day after now. This isnt a coincidence. No way. I have never seen the finance sector do this kind of jump in a weak market.

  8. Of course the news got leaked, it's human nature. You can keep everyone at the Fed from slipping a line out.
  9. Trading is an adult endeavor.

    It is a amateur or professional endeavor.

    FYI, making money is what is done all the time.

    In trading, sometimes opinions vary.

    Since the late 70's, the financial industry has been doing three major activities for which they are responsible. They relate to the "corporate book", the instruments used in markets (many are new), and the monitoring and betting that goes on. A lot of this "innovation" is related to bringing financail "outsiders" into the financial industry and making names and training available to these people.

    Naturally, adults know that there are consequences of what they do or cause to be put in place. There are issues in the normal heirarchy as well; the heirarchy builds up from money to power to information at the top.

    The government is there in all of this and its responsibilities to the citizenry is recognizable.

    There are influences: money is given; seats of power are awarded, and information is used uniquely for advantage.

    Everyone measures where they are in these matters as adults.

    Nowadays the trading is the best that it has ever been in terms of money, power and information.

    50 ES contracts can make 500,000 dollars in three hours.

    The future is extremely bright as well.

    What is going on is that the consequences of the behavior of the financial industry are being put on the table.

    Information that was created in the past has proven to be not what to base decision making on in the corporate book and "instrumentation areas. Illiquidity of capital is the result.

    Information has to be chucked. the power structure has top be revamped. Watch Goldman Saks and Bear stearns as fav examples. Finally, the pools will have to be shrunk to fair values.

    I make money by price change and using a pool extraction strategy. So I am the recipient of the profits that relate to the intemperance of the "informers" and the powerstructure.

    The politicians and the politically based information from lobbyists is now having consequences. "Fixes" will always be put in.

    You look at dirty money as you call it and who is making it. On the other hand, for informed traders and frontrunners, these are simply the best of times because of how the market operates to deal out consequences.

    The quants did not do a service to the financial industry it turns out. Those in power hired the quants and were misled by their offerings to their employers. Adults do what they do and they get the consequences.

    Watch the talking heads continue to BS everyone by communicating the party line of the financial industry.