who made money today?

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  1. i made a quick trade this morning on SPTN and CHL. I was up about 600 near the open..gave back 180 of it.. so net a little over 400..my problem is over trading,trying to squeeze out that extra one hundred..i bought NSM on the early morning pull back to 27.54;i bought at 27.62 and sold at 27.72..it sky rocketed;should of used a stop..anyway,very frustraing..this week i was up a total of 850 including today..just curious how everyone else did and what kind of trading styles everyone has..i make my money near the open,after that,its tough for me for some reason.
  2. i did -----
    bot some nyx at 78.80 and carefully added all day
  3. I recouped almost all money lost yesterday
  4. I made 27,000 - commission. bought 40 ES at 1494.5 sold at 1507.75
  5. Archurch


    Stayed in cash so I gained nothing today.

    Considering the last few days, I was not about to risk my current yearly gains of 16%.

    Summer is coming and I may look to short some stocks, but not sure yet.
  6. $26,500 less comms.
  7. Good day and all NYX can muster is $.68? Hope you dumped that dog at the close. Cramer has to be pissed.
  8. I was able to make some on the short side early, thank GOD I decided to call it an early summer friday. Those shorts would have lost money if they would have been on all day.
  9. mde2004


    I made 8k trading YM long all day.
  10. I decided to close out most of my shorts before taking a nap. Would have still been up on most of my positions, but closed out most higher! :D
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