Who Loves the 80s?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by daniel_m, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Just read Trane's thread and it got me to thinking.

    haha. some of the cheesiest movies of all time come from the 80s. (so does the betamax. anyone still got one?)

    still, it's my all time favorite movie period ever. i simply love 80s movies. i get all nostalgic watching them. (not sure why, it's not like i remember a whole lot from them, born '77)

    actually there is just so much i love about the 80s. what a time. i so badly wish i turned 18 in 85.

    the movies: back to the future, ghostbusters, the goonies, the karate kid, never ending story, top gun, ET, dirty dancing, the breakfast club, trading places, wall st, indiana jones, police academy. classics:D

    and you can't beat the sitcoms: growing pains, perfect strangers, who's the boss, family ties, different strokes, alf, the cosby show, head of the class

    and other classic tv like: the a team, the smurfs, scooby doo, masters of the universe, press your luck, family fued, miami vice, punky brewster

    the music: too many to list. love the 80s sound.

    computers were just coming onto the scene... who can forget those early clunkers..
    and the classic coin-ops like pac man, galaga, double dragon, twin cobra, wonder boy, 1943

    and did anyone get into those Fighting Fantasy books? damn i used to love reading those things!
  2. substance friendly, good tasting steaks. Safe too, when it was just us and the Soviets armed to the teeth. NBA and baseball hadn't gone to hell either. I'll give that to the 80s.

    Ever take a hard look at one of these skinny little tattooed shits with the filthy bell bottoms? Even the good looking ones don't look right to me. Eccch.