Who likes CNBC asia more than the north american one

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  1. the australian chick + the chinese dude imo make a 5000x better and more professional team (minus rick santelli) remind me sort of bloomberg.
  2. I like them all except that one dude I think is in Japan; seems like he's reading all the time.

    How about the "ok" man? You like him?
    Every third word is OK! :)

    Today, OK, we have, OK, a real interesting market, OK, and, OK, it's going to be, OK, it's going to be getting even more interesting, OK...
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    CNBC-World doesn't have all the annoying sound effects and gee-whiz graphics that CNBC-USA does. They also don't cheerlead or engage in a ton of in-your-face shoutfests like CNBC-USA (ie, Dennis Neal, Larry Kudlow) and tend to be more analytical and informative versus annoying if not entertaining.

    Frankly CNBC-World has more of a professional 'Bloomberg' feel to it. Thankfully, for market news and analysis, I have Bloomberg now, so I at least have one 'real' business news channel that I find useful when not trading.

    But every time I see CNBC-World, I'm reminded of how much of a circus CNBC-USA is, and how the US-based channel is geared more for newsfotainment rather than 'news'.
  4. I agree with you about the cnbc asia.

    I don't watch TV during trading, unless its Hogans Heroes or something but before the market opens I watch Bloomberg and at night I have cnbc asia on in the background. If I am still up I watch the Europe Squawk.

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    I totally agree.
  6. i like the Australian chick alot more than erin burnett or maria bartiromo

    Australian accents are HOT

    i also like how (like bloomberg) they tend to be unbiased/no opinions.
  7. That Australian chick is HOT :D
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    Depending on your cable provider in the US, you may also be able to view CNBC europe from 10am cst.
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    Wow welcome to forever ago! No wonder so much people are getting creamed, talk about being behind the times. None of you have ever watched financial news at night?
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