Who knows of any good multi-tab charting software?

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  1. Hi,

    What I mean by multi-tab is a main charting page with tabs on the bottom that you can easily flip through and see different combinations of charts in real-time.

    I currently use E-signal, and it has no such feature. I track numerous markets and internals as I trade, and although I have several monitors, I require that all but one of them contain only one chart, as I need to see some detail for scalping. Therefore I need to put all of the internals and other markets I look at on one page through the use of many different tabs that I can scroll through. Prophet X has such a feature but there are a couple of things I don't like about the software so I'm looking for other good ones with such a feature.

    Any suggestions?

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    Esignal has that feature i use it myself. Realtick has that feature also
  3. E-signal has it? I'm not aware of that.... could you tell me how to do it if you don't mind?
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    right click on chart, hit "view" then check "Favorites bar". Use the + to add time intervals.
  5. Truff,

    Thanks, but you misunderstood my original question. I'm not looking to add time intervals. I know that is possible to do. I'm looking to add tabs at the bottom of a page to be able to scroll through them quickly and look at different chart symbols on each different tab. I just checked with e-signal and they DON'T have that option. The only thing you can do with them is scroll through different PAGES (not tabs on a single page), but that is no good because it takes forever for a page to load.
  6. esignal can do that no problems, there is a ''stack studies'' feature that you can enable when you right click on the chart, with this you can browse through different sets of indicators of your choice
  7. Silvermotion,

    Thanks for the suggestion. However, that won't work for me because I don't look at price-based technical indicators (i.e. studies). I look at different markets (intermarket analysis) and market internals (TICK, TRIN, AD Line etc.). Those aren't considered studies, and thus can't be stacked.
  8. This isn't what you are looking for, but it is a suggestion.

    I use QuoteTracker and you can pull-up and re-size as many charts as you want. At times I have had 3 x 3 (nine) charts on one screen.

    I don't do that anymore, I run all of the internals and multiple indice through a spreadsheet so I can see how they are doing at-a-glance, and just keep the indice(s) that I am trading on the screen(s).

    It also helps to have good multi-monitor capability.

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    There are others.
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