Who knows about the Constitutional Party??

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  1. I have just read the platform of the constitutional party.

    They have a good political/economic agenda.

  2. I voted for them back in Nov.

    Much better than the 2 major candidates.
  3. they have a long way to go to get anywhere

    but their ideas are right

    they explicitly call out H-1b visa for ban

    i'd support just about anyone who said that
  4. I like that proposal too.
    Would you have the H-1B visa to replace any legal immigration???

  5. what we need, is LESS immigration people. we currently take in more thatn the rest of the workd compbined.

    our policy is nothing but a set of brain numbing slogans and symbols based on a nation where the liousina purchase was 30 years old, and NO regard to where we are now and where we are headed - INSANE!!!

    see this 10 minute youtube 'immigration gumbals' and refute it

  6. I also think we are taking to many people in..............and the majority are not necesary good for america in the long run. Immigration has always been an asset for this country..............we can't over use it.

  7. we don't need less immigration, we need less ILLEGAL immigration. They overwhelm the legal immigrants. And legal immigrants have a positive effect on many cities, such as NYC

    Telling an American they cannot marry a foreigner, or bring their children legally to the USA defeats the purpose of living in a democracy.

    We ALSO need to encourage people who are financially set.
  8. The problem is two fold. One, we don't enforce the law, so illegal immigration overwhelms the system. Two, the immigration law itself is insane. Ted Kennedy pushed through a massive change in it decades ago that tilted immigration from europe to latin america and africa.
  9. i noticed you didnt refute the gumballs video

    it's the only place the question is EVER asked, where is all of this taking us?
  10. sorry, I don't chew gum. And I don't base my opinions on Youtube or videos.
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