Who knows about stanley Kroll?

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  1. I talked to Stanley over the phone in 1997? or so, and he did sound like a very old man. He wanted to teach me to trade for a couple thousand dollars or so... I told him that was a lot considering me being only a student and he told me he's not teaching me some "mickey mouse system."

    Kroll is also cited in John Train's Money Masters (and updated in newer versions) where supposedly Kroll lost his touch in the post 1970s inflationary era. He had a simple system, which was basically to wait for the trend to be established, then wait for a reaction to enter with a stop loss. Great if there are major trends, but lose money if it's a trading range market.
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  2. Forgot to mention... "Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy" was recoed by Richard Dennis.
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  3. From his obit in alumni magazine. He died in 1999.

    Stanley Kroll '55, of Beijing, China; June 8. He was president of Jing Yi Futures Co. A commodity trader for many years, he published The Professional Commodity Trader in 1974. He also built a fleet of hotel barges in Europe called Floating Through Europe. He served in the U.S. Navy during the 1950s in Italy and Japan. He is survived by two daughters, Laura Kroll Zoll '81, 6348 Chowning Pl., McLean, Va. 22101 and Janet '85; a son, Charles '00; and a brother, Jerome '57.

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  4. Beijing, China??? Was he anticipating a commodities futures brokerage boom in China? Tudor Jones is betting on China.
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    You mean it was written about Dennis?

    He wrote another book "Dragons and Bulls: Profitable Investment Strategies for Trading Stocks and Commodities" in 1994 which was largely a rehash of his earlier book - Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy. The head of a Chinese trading house wrote forward to this book. Kroll was mentioned in many Chinese futures website, extolling his trend-following approach to the market. He also wrote a weekly column for a Singapore business paper and was in Hongkong for a while, which may explain his connection with China.
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  6. Sorry, I meant Richard Dennis recommended Stanley Kroll's book, "Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy." The praise is on the backcover of the book.

    Dennis was a legend in 70s and early 80s, but has had inconsistent trading results since the late 1980s. Some years of big gains followed by big losses. His friend, Eckhardt, seems to be more steady.
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    Ok thanks for clarifying.

    Yes, Dennis is a phenomenal talent, I wouldn't be surprised if he is still trading and making the fortunes many dreamt of, albeit quietly.
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  8. Quote from "The Professionel Commodity Trader" by Stanley Kroll:

    "I've already told you the moral of this story: keep things simple".

    Story = his book.

    Thank you, Stanley.
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