Who knows about stanley Kroll?

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  1. Is he still in business? Or did you blew out like many others?
  2. he passed away a few years ago.
  3. Sorry to hear that, really enjoyed one of his books. Maybe time to reread it.
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    I read Techniques of a Professional Commodity Trader by Kroll which I thought was a great book. Granted, he traded in some of the best trending environments for commodities, the 70's, but his approach of trading with the trend is worth internalizing.

    He doesn't talk much about the precise technical reasons for entering his trades, other than general comments. But I believe he used trendlines, fib retracements or the 50% rt rule, and breakouts as main triggers.

    I wonder what his long term record looks like. I know he made money in those 3 years trading when multiplied accounts 100x.

  6. "The Professional Commodity Trader" is an excellent book IMO, that I have read more than once. Sorry to hear he is deceased. No tech mumbo jumbo that you read so often on this message board, just an aggressive trend follower.

    Interesting that when I pulled out the book I found a letter he answered that I had sent from the 1984!
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    My first trading book - The Commodity Futures Market Guide (Kroll & Irwin Shishko) and later Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy. Both are excellent read, he is a long term trend follower and admirer of Jesse Livermore, prod me to study about trend following, sad to hear that he has passed on.
  8. Yes, a good book. Sorry to hear that he's now in Traders Heaven.
  9. BTW, has anyone ever read another book also written by Stanley Kroll: The New Technical Trader? How is the book compared with the Irwin Guide?
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    "Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy" and "The Professional Commodity Trader" are both really good books. Kroll was also the man responsible for getting "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" back in print again, I believe he bought the original manuscripts, as the book had influenced him so heavily.

    He did very well in the 70s commodity bull market. I think he was a commodity broker during the 60s, and with what he learned he started up a commodity pool and made millions in the 70s bull run.

    Sad to hear he died, anyone know when?
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