Who knows a good international ISP?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vital-analitix, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. I am looking for an ISP that I can use when travelling rather than trying to locate locally an ISP(and not know their reliability). Local dial-up modem connection is sufficient.

    Am expecting up to 30 hours / week usage.

    Have in the past had IBM (later ATTGlobal) but found it pricey when getting in the higher number of hours. They are fine when just using for email.

    Anyone has some suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. just21


    Wireless is everywhere now.
  3. Be careful trading wireless, security issues.

    Where are you going? I have some family in the Czech Rep., they have cable modem and dsl almost everywhere. Most of Europe has high speed avail. Why not figure out where you are going and starting doing a high speed inter. search on Google.

    BTW the cost for dsl in CZ is about the same as the US.

  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I'll be mainly travelling SE Asia / Western Europe and not staying in one location more than about a month. Not really cost effective to hunt around for a local provider and not knowing their reliability.

    And yes, I know about wireless security issues. It used to be about 4 hours on a handheld device to figure out the security key (max). Don't know how fast they can do it now. In any case it does not appeal to me at all.

    Hmmmmm, still searching....