Who Killed The Active Trader?

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If the trader tax passes, Should There Be A Documentar:'Who Killed The Active Trade'?

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  1. Yes, Good Idea!

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  2. No, Not a Good Idea.

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  1. What do you think? Has a nice ring to it don't you think?

    Remember the documentary 'Who Killed The Electric Car?'

    I think some of us should get together and create our own documentary with this title if that trader tax legislation passes.

    Who thinks this is a great idea?
  2. 1) 0-2. Confirmation of the obvious.
    2) Instead, the documentary should be "The Rise of Trading Outside of the USA".
  3. dealmaker


    Super computers which trade 10 million shares or more, 100 shares at a time killed the active trader.
  4. eventually they will be back , but not until 99% of scalpers and prop traders have been completely crushed and wiped out
  5. There is no debate. The favorability for the tax is less than 10%, and was always unlikely to be passed. I doubt we'll ever need the show.

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  6. Interesting.

    I sure would like to hear some of the reasons why some of you don't think this would be a good idea. It would be a Dvd show by the way.

  7. Not true. The active trader is still very much alive for now.
  8. The active trader normally just kill themselves lol.
  9. rew


    That's certainly true in my case. I figured that all the bad news about BSX was out so I took a big long position. Then today even *more* bad news came out and I got crushed. On days like these I feel even stupider than a congressman.
  10. the magazine active trader just kept getting smaller and smaller till it withered away to nothing
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