who killed JFK?

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  2. I think it was D. B. Cooper, wasn't it?
  3. well according to tv today the mafia killed him, the cia killed him, castro killed him, lbj killed him. maybe they all worked together to kill him. i guess the conspiracy story makes good tv.
  4. Longshot... aka GG.
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    the old ploy 'poiting the finger to other guy', work every time.
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    Likeliest but overlooked answer: the Soviet KGB had Kennedy killed for making monkeys out of the Soviets when they were made to back down over their Cuba nuclear missiles bullsh*t.

    Remember the assassinated suspect killer had been to Russia.

    Am I right or am I right?
  7. You're wrong.

    They blamed Kruschev for the Cuban Missile Crisis and he was ousted.
  8. Mystery solved

    Michael Jackson
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