Who Killed Bin?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by adadadog, May 2, 2011.

  1. U.S. version:
    U.S. government has been tracking Bin for 6+ month, Obama finally gave order for action and two U.S. helicopters landed on the roof of Bin's residence. After 40 minutes battle, Bin got killed.

    Pakistan version:
    Two Pak heli patrolling a remote region. One was shot down. Pak force sealed off the region, met gun fire from a house. After the battle. Bin was killed. Bin's body was taken away by Two U.S. heli.

    Oh boy, a simple fact can not be straight. LOL.
  2. LOL Pakies have lost any credibility they ever had
  3. poyayan


    Does it really matter? If Pak said they did it, they are going to take the heat from their Bin Laden supporters. If Pak said they didn't do it, they are also going to take the heat by having a foreign country carrying military action in their soil.