Who is your "guru"?

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  1. So is there someone you look up to? Even if it's just a guy you see in the media and are impressed with or the author of the book that thought you how to trade (doesn't need to be a pure guru like Warren buffet to value investors)
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    Anthony Scaramucci

    He looks like a hard working nice guy that cares about the people around him and wants them all to succeed.
  3. i would say the guru in ET are

  4. market
  5. I like Maverick74 but Maverick64 is also good LOL


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    James Randi
  7. BSAM


    My charts.
  8. Thanks everyone. mine is Dan Sheridan. You'll can check him out in CBOE TV on the CBOE website and look up "options safari" on YouTube
  9. Jim Cramer
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    Not gurus to me but people I respect and have learned a thing or two from:

    Stanley Kroll
    Ed Seykota
    Jesse Livermore
    Dan Zanger
    Andre Kostolany

    They all have in common: To make big money one needs a big market move.
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