Who is your Football Honey

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OVERtheLINE, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. suzy kolber
    melissa stark
    bonnie bernstein

    I personally like bonnie the best, id treat her like a queen.
  2. Lisa Guerrero...although she may not qualify since she is a sports news anchor
  3. NDQnCA

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    yeah- Lisa G is smokin'....Melissa stark isn't bad either but she always wears too much clothes- i say put her in some tight shirts and short skirts...
  4. John Madden:D
  5. rs7


    Phyllis George was in her time the best to look at. Not a great commentator, but she was HOT. And she also was, I believe, the first female NFL commentator.

    What ever happened to her?

  6. Rigel


    Women and football?
  7. the twins.
  8. My friend Sara

    She loves to watch football and is great at giving hummers. When the two go together... talk about the ultimate in multi-tasking!!!!!! Makes my Sunday fun.


  9. NICE!!!!!!!
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