Who is your favorite permabull to ridicule?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. There are so many to choose from....

    Here is one to get us started....

  2. James "Dow 36,000" Glassman

    Jim "TYC was a buy at 53.00, an even better buy at 23.00" Cramer

    Maria "I called the bottom 2 weeks ago by telling everyone to start shorting" Butt-Aroma

    Abbey Joseph Cohenhead
  3. doher


    Appey Cohen

    Joey B
  4. doher


    Mary (Go Down Lower) Meeker
  5. i'll go with joe battipaglia...and abby.

    good picks doher.
  6. Babak


    The world could be ending with meteors set to strike NY, Tokyo and London simultaneously and this guy would beam and say "Buy!" In his recent show he defended Glassman (birds of a feather and all that I guess).

    Frouelich (can never spell his name right)
    This dumbass is Scudder's strategist. They used to run these idiotic ads with him pointing away as the 'three bears' inflation, govt spending and unemployment walked away personified by people in a bear costume. The point of the ad was that this was the time to BUY! These ads were running during 2001's crash. He hasn't shown his face, until a recent guest appearance on K+C on CNBC

    AJ Cohen
    I find her visage as stomach turning as her prognostications. Can't understand why she's invited back to the Barron's Roundtables year after year.

    Don Hays
    A lesser demon but still, he turned bullish in March '02 and pounded the table until just last week when he admited defeat and cancelled his buy (just before the DJ powered up in the spike).
  7. I think CNBC as a corporate entity is a permabull. I don't watch it anymore except for pre-market news. Everything after that for the rest of the day is pure infomercial quality BS. Bad or biased information is worse than no information at all.
  8. RE: Perma-bulls

    I highly doubt any these people really believe their own pronostications. (Did anyone mention Joe Battapaglia? there's another) It's just that delivering anything but a bullish message doesn't help their cause at all.

    What possible benefit could there be for someone "connected with Wall St" (I-Banks, Brokers, Mutual Funds etc) to say they think the market's going down? I can' think of any.

    I love it!
  10. doher


    I'm also getting really sick - of Briefing.coN's spin - on any negative economic news report
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