who is your favorite FX broker??

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  1. My favourite broker is FP Markets. I have been trading with them for a couple of months, and so far, I have not faced any major issues with them like server freezing or lousy customer service.
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  2. how do u define favourite? like how many brokers do u trade? if i only do forex on hotforex doeos that mean they are my favourite? :)
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  3. Agreed, FCA is like a protection umbrella started with pepperstone because of ASIC and now with Fxview because of Cysec and FCA. Mantra for a good night sleep. :D
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  4. I'm not a Forex Trader, I trade Futures. I have an account with AMP (USA) but I know they did launch in Europe (AMP Global EU) where you can trade Forex and Futures if you want. I imagine because they are well established and the solid regulation as a global group, that will make them a good fit for someone looking to trade forex and multiple instruments outside the U.S.
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  5. yeah, and setting aside, in the end regulations are added protection but never a guarantee. we all take a risk at the end of the day we just push through it
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  6. Pegrinn


    It is impossible to exclude, ignore the risks in this way, we must just take a cut to look at the situation and understand the possibilities that may occur.
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  7. Ytintod


    There’s none that I can call my favorite because all the brokers I use are the best in different features. One offers the tightest spreads while the other one is really good with its trading platforms. Another one offers the best customer service.
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  8. I am yet to find the best for me. I like a lot of them out there but they all are okayish and I don’t see the “X” factor I am in need of in my broker.
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  9. Usually, in the first time searching, still, so many thoughts will become a consideration, the most point is about security, and security related to regulation, broker regulated and unregulated will look good if company regulated because more trusted, now I am already with FXOpen, the regulated broker.
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  10. atm, loving the condition from fxview. You can check out tickmill, they are nice too.
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