who is your favorite FX broker??

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  1. It should be mentioned that Oanda is a Market Maker.

    They are, but why 'should' it be mentioned? Oanda isn't a bucket shop. The operating model doesn't make a broker evil. Evil brokers will do evil things regardless of how they present themselves.

    Further, forex is a made market.. it doesn't matter if it's your broker, or some LP your broker passes the trade to... all that matters is the price reflects what's fair in the market.
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  2. pipeguy


    Well its a bit confusing to trade with a broker who took popular crypto name. I wouldn't risk my money with new brokers, competition is high and often they can't offer excellent services. Will stick to Hotforex and Tickmill my two current forex brokers, been with them for 5 years maybe more.
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  3. they depend on many factors like How much commission do they charge? How is the platform? Whats the spread on the currencies like?
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  4. wjk


    Withdrawing this comment. Routine platform crashes, including today. Account not recognized on my mobile, desktop wont stay up more than a few minutes on home system. Not possible for me to trade today (eurusd). This has happened several times in the last month or so (also during volatile periods). For years, it never happened. Maybe getting bought out makes the diff. I'm looking for someone else. Lost confidence in Oanda. What a disappointment.
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  5. There are too many brokers for just one to be my favourite. As long as the broker in question is well-regulated, has a good server connection and I can withdraw my money without a problem, I'm fine.
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  6. A broker can be your favorite until they turn around and bite you in the ass. I have no love for any broker; I just want to make consistent profit and withdraw my funds without any issues. At the moment Forexchief Broker is doing a good job in ensuring that am satisfied.
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  7. geedy


    I agree, they have really stood the test of times. I really do Appreciate them, if ever I was to choose another broker I would consider them.
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  9. heispark


    There's no 100% perfect brokers without any complaints.......
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  10. pipeguy


    Never thought such a big broker can experience outages of the whole platform or the on the most liquid pairs like EURUSD..Are you eligible to trade with FCA or ASIC entities?
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