who is your favorite ET trader

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by boris, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. boris


    please include profitable ones too!
  2. lindq


    Golly, do we also get to vote for Best Looking, Most Popular, and Most Likely To Succeed?

    Then will you sign my yearbook?


    I am definitely my favorite ET trader.

  4. I've always thought that someone should post a poll for everyone to vote for elite trader of the month. Perhaps one of the advertisers here could offer some sort of a token prize. I think the criteria for voting for someone should be how much they've helped other traders. That would encourage everyone here to help each other. I think this might be even more useful than just basing a rating on how many posts a person has made.

    I don't know too many of the traders here but if I were to nominate someone here for being helpful it would be Ditch. At times a few of his posts might be interpreted as negative but I find a lot of the information that he shares to be quite useful.
  5. Romeo


    1) Romeo

    2) Pabst

    3) Inandlong

  6. bobcathy1

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    Hands down the best trader is MarketSurfer.
    The Surf Report is the best currently active column.
    :) :D
  7. 19,506)

    19,507) Bungrider

    19,508) FPC

    19,509) Romeo

  8. thanks ! :)
  9. Every day Harry inspires me to fearlessly test at least one idea which is utterly stupid.

    In Grob's every post I realize how distant I am from my trading goals, and how important it is to have a structured theory of market action to get there.
  10. birdman


    four years later - maybe it's time for a newly updated list - those are some great candidates

    i would add steve tvardek to the list:)
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