Who is your favorite con man in the world of trading?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. I have many favorite cons and shysters I love to poke fun of...

    Not necessarily in order, I will post them as I see them.....

  2. OPTIONAL777 and losloslos.

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    777 you mean besides Don Bright?


  4. The 'respected' brokerage firms (goldman/merrill/morgan...) and Mutual fund co's (Janus/ invesco...) screw people out of more money every minute than Waxie can rip off in a lifetime.
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    Alan Greenspan and Ben "printing press" Bernanke have all those guys you mentioned beat. King Kong aint got nothin' on them! :D
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    Maria Bartoroma and the rest of those shills at CNBC. They are the ones who con everyone!
  7. Merrill, Goldman, Morgan, Solly, CSFB, et al. What Michael Milken did was piddling compared to them.

    Why do any of those people still have jobs? Let's take Mary Meeker for example. Could anyone have been a bigger shill? If there is a worse or more crooked firm than Morgan Stanley, I take my hat off to them. They sucked in all those Dean Witter customers who were actually dumb enough to trust their brokers and gave them a reaming. I guess a big ad budget gets you a lot of free passes from the media. Have you ever heard Cramer attack them?
  8. Jim Cramer, Chia Head.
  9. 777-

  10. him and kudlow seem like they're old ladies trapped in a couple of dorks' bodies...

    have you ever listened to the two of them??

    it's like happy hour at the old age home...

    i mean, i can't stand o'reilly either, but at least he doesn't cackle like kudlow or convulse and wiggle frantically like he's been constipated for a week like cramer does....
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