Who is your favorite CNBC chick?

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  1. The red head chick with the bombs?Liz something

    Caruso Cabrera? (also nice cans)

    Melissa Francis

    Maria B.? - Business news with bedroom eyes but she has a big ass.

    Becky Quiky?

    Sue Herrara? (Big girl if you can handle it)

    The weather chick in the morning?

    Who am I missing?

    The red head chick is my bitch

    I just had a thought to make an anchorwoman CNBC swimsuit calander. Think it will sell?
  2. insert


    I have no Idea who this chick is but LOOK jesus H, perfect

  3. That's a chick from a France network. Don't know if she's financial related?
  4. swinger


    Rebecca Jarvis is my favorite.
  5. Forgot flat chested Erin Burnett. I'd still bone her...
  6. Melissa Theuriau

    she used to present standard news only. Now in charge of a weekly showonfrench TV M6.
  7. The one that lays golden eggs.

  8. GSH1976


    My pick is definitely Bianna Golodryga if she is still on CNBC.
  9. Ah, nice DSL's (dick sucking lips on her)

    Same with Maria B.

    Their lips would look great wrapped around my cock.:p
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