Who is worse. Hitler or these guys?

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  1. I have seen Hitler videos. Hitler would stand 8 feet away from his future wife. Hitler never touched or raped any women even when Hilter was the leader of most powerful army. Hitler could have kidnapped and raped all the women in the world but he never thought about it.

    Hitler was always surrounded by big strong men. I have never seen any woman near Hitler. This is the reason Hitler almost conquered and ruled the world if Russian death winter had not stopped the German Army.

    Today world needs few more Hitlers to kill all world prostitutes and pornography people.

    Taliban and Al-Aaeda never rape any women. If terrorists kidnap any western woman they treat her with respect and they release her or kill her. Terrorists can rape women and female enemy soldiers in captivity but I never heard of it. Terrorists are dangerous killers but they are not bad people.
  2. Somebody should tell Terrorists "you start killing world prostitutes and pornography people. Do not kill innocent and good men, women and children. There are many millions of Americans, Europeans other countries prostitutes and pornography people. Kill these useless people only and you will be pardon and set free. No Army will kill you.

    My message to terrorists "you need targets. I am providing you targets. Start watching pornography websites and identify people appearing in these websites and just kill and destroy these useless people".

  3. USA Army found pornography stash in Osama's house in Pakistan. I think Osama bin laden was planning to kill world pornography people that is the reason Osama was watching pornography.
  4. LOL, you are a fucking idiot...
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    You probably lost too much by trading, and your roof demolished.. You like or respect Hitler , AlQaeda/Taliban never rape any women.. Man, you're deeply sick.. And if you got paranoja, it still doesn't mean that nobody's watching you..
  6. World people have been struck by lightning since Bearice is saying Hitler ans terrorists are better than sex minded people.
  7. There is nothing wrong in having desire to rule and dominate the world. If you do not have this desire, you are not a superior man.

    Bearice also has desire to rule and dominate the world. Honestly speaking Bearice is ruling and dominating 75% of earth (think about it).

    Hitler killed millions of Jews in gas chambers and prisoners by bullets because Hitler did not have the food to feed millions of people. How could Hitler feed millions of Jews and prisoners during war-time. So Hitler killed them instead of starving them to death (think about it).
  8. My Brother says Hitler has some mental disease. Bearice is saying sex-minded people have serious mental disease and they should be shot dead immediately otherwise human beings will be wiped out from Earth anytime (remember dinosaurs).

    I think world people do not know the basics of War that is the reason they think Army people are killing machines.

    Before starting any War, Army gives many warnings "surrender or will attack/bomb you". Now if the enemy does not surrender then army attacks and millions of people are killed. Hitler must have also warned his enemies.

    Human beings have a bad habit of not accepting their defeat even if they are weak and cannot fight. I have seen 70 kg man shouting at 120 kg man. If the 120 kg man gets angry and slaps the 70 kg man he may die.

    In animal world small animals never fight big animals. Size and power determines who wins the fight without any fight. So few animals are killed in fights. Learn from animals.

    Also some human beings have a bad habit of arguing endless. Even if they are wrong and defeated in a debate, they will not accept their defeat they will keep arguing. So sometimes the other person gets angry and slaps the talkative person (example elitetrader members who oppose Bearice).

    Bearice has been giving warnings to world people for past 7 years but idiots are not able to understand anything. Now Bearice will attack and takeover remaining 25% of Earth.
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    It could be worth a discussion if you would be little more educated about history realated to WWII times. And specially about that jerk named Hitler, who killed millions of innocent people(somewhere between 50 and 60 mln), part of them intentionally - because of his race theory - and the rest(including 'suprerior' nation of germans) suffered a lot of death, humiliation etc..He ruled just 12 years - 1933-45 - and ended up eating poison himself and burned to mud and ashes in the fire in the backyard of his bunker in Berlin, while his country and people were ruined to degrees you can't imagine, millions of german females (aged between 2 and 80) were raped by allies soldiers in 1944-1945 , properties were either demolished or confiscated and the whole country was starving for years, not talking about the rest of the world..
    Yah, nothing wrong with that, except you don't even know what you're talking about - in assumption you're not sick or under heavy drugs or alcohol .. Instead of porno you like to watch, find videos of WWII german soldiers, killing kids aged 0-3 , by smashing their heads over a wall or throwing them up and catching by gun bayonet , ripping off the POW soldiers by tieing them up to 2 tanks and driving away from each other, etc. - those things your beloved man raised from german hearts.. and we're still not talking about what he did to jews , jipsys and more 'untermench' nations, that you or your ancestors could be of one of them.
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