Who is Woodie???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wdscott, Mar 13, 2004.

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  1. If one were to check out Woodie's room does it matter if you sign
    up for the Hotcomm lite or standard version? I have always
    wondered what goes on in that CCI room... :)
    #61     Mar 14, 2004
  2. Let's see. Most of the traders lose most of the time. Elite has 20,000 registered. Woodies room has what, 500? Hmmm, something to think about for those of you still searching and haven't shut the door on new ideas. Not only are the flamers thus far in this thread desparate sounding, they don't even have their facts straight. I don't plan on arguing with any of them. I can tell you that if I listened to all the "certain" people, I'd still have no idea of what the hell I'm doing. And I'd be just as stuck as they are.
    #62     Mar 14, 2004
  3. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    #63     Mar 14, 2004
  4. MarkB



    The lite version is fine. Main difference between Lite and Standard is that Standard lets you be in more than one room at a time.

    Sorry you guys feel the need to bash. Woodie (and those of us in his room) are not selling anything. Therefore we do not need to prove anything. It does us no harm if you choose to have a negative attitude. Just don't bring it to the room.

    Anyone else who may like to see what we're doing... please feel free to download the free trial of Hotcomm and join us during the trading day.

    By the way, drbob's demonstration of trading without prices is not at all unusual. Kudos to him for taking it on in this forum, nonetheless.

    #64     Mar 14, 2004
  5. Is there an advantage to having the option of being in more than
    one room at a time? And thanks for your answers... :)
    #65     Mar 14, 2004
  6. MarkB


    You are most welcome, version77. And the only advantage is if you know of another room which you'd like to visit at the same time as you're in Woodie's. Or perhaps I should say, if you know of 2 rooms which you'd like to be in simultaneously.

    If your main reason for trying Hotcomm is to visit Woodie's, then Lite will certainly serve you well.


    #66     Mar 14, 2004
  7. jem


    bundle far from deperate. If you call attention to yourself in my mind you have to produce P&L sheets or real time calls to be legit.

    I was once a guy who trained people - backed them - and took a cut of their profits. To me that is a real trainer. I am no longer that.

    Second stage is a guy who produces his results and makes very clear and timely real time calls. A very rare breed.

    Next stage is a real time "educator". He is not a trader. He is an educator. They do not deserve the respect of being called a trader but they may be fine loving people.

    Then there are majority of men and women who are just full of it.

    Woodie's room is free I have no problem with that its cool. But before we call him the real deal. Let someone stand up for his real time P&L. Or else let us call him an educator.

    I once again propose we make a thread for legitate services

    That is all.
    P.S. I shall.
    #67     Mar 14, 2004
  8. lmt


    I wonder if the CBOT checked his record before they asked him to do that trading class last week? You think maybe? LOL
    #68     Mar 14, 2004
  9. traderob


    On the link thread Nkhoi gave, Chris(Croc) a mod. on woodies admits he is at best a break even trader. I like that honesty;
    same as the other Aussie on Woodies I mentioned (jeez what is about Australians?). That takes character.
    However, is it made clear on the Hotcomn room that this is the case (that some of the leaders are not making it, yet).?

    I know there is much about what a profitable trader Woodie is. Can you confirm this Woodie? If not it is still an excellent educational service, and a free service in traderland is rare.
    #69     Mar 14, 2004
  10. MarkB


    Woodie calls his own trades in realtime in the room, as I've said before. I don't see why he should be "required" to post any sort of P&L sheet, trading records, etc. If you'd like to see how well he's doing, simply come to the room and check it out for yourself. Those of us who have decided to stick with the educational aspects of the room have seen it for ourselves. That's all it takes. We just ask that room decorum is maintained, should you decide to visit (or become a resident:).

    No, this is not a grail, or a method which suits all. But if you're curious, just come have a look.

    Some of the mods are more profitable and self assured than others. And I've never seen a mod in the room come across as less than honest about this.


    P.S. I think I need to build a sig.... "I ain't selling nuthin'!"
    #70     Mar 15, 2004
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