Who is Woodie???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wdscott, Mar 13, 2004.

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  1. Dude,

    What's your gripe? If you are making money off these folks, then why berate them? If their experience of trading is different from yours, why do you demand proof for validation? No one has demanded proof from you to validate your experience. Take a chill pill.
    #51     Mar 14, 2004
  2. jem


    Hello, who knows perhaps someday I will look into the room again. During the period of time I checked it out during the leadup to Iraq crisis a while. Woodie was talking about his new super secret cci, taking trades off the indicator without looking at the prices getting out of a few trades for scratch or break even that would have taken the reflexes of a champion video game player and letting the room be moderated by people who exhabited nothing but excellent suck up skills.

    But again trading sucked then, so perhaps it showed Woodies genius.

    I have no real opinion except that I trust no guru without real time calls and trade reports.

    If you do that Woodie I am all for you and your room.
    #52     Mar 14, 2004
  3. Dude,

    Ever the rugged individualist, eh? Hey, when people feel good about their work, they want to share it. When they feel lousy, they want to commiserate. How is a trading room any different from any other entrepreneurial business? Someone has a vision for what can be and launches out on the broad sea of risk and opportunity. Are you, in your life, doing any different?
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  4. ANY? Boy, you sure are certain. So far, how has that level of confidence improved the value of your trading account?
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  5. yes, i am certain. yes, once i understood my trading improved dramatically. if you really really think about the "concept" of pattern recogniztion you will understand how moronic it really is. TA is finished, man--it is a remnant of a non mathmatical based past that still holds fascination to the illinformed. for a basic overview of what i speak please read 'winner take all" by gallacher. for an xercise--think about how CCI is derived then think about it predicting the future....

    tally ho
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  6. he doesn't trade his calls. he is a CULT leader. that is all. super secret ?? how much more bogus can you get. waiting waiting waiting
    #56     Mar 14, 2004
  7. wdscott



    Thanks for taking the time to assist us in learning CCI. I am sorry for the bashing the some put forth, but as in most threads that offer value, destructive criticism always seems to appear . I will say to them if you have nothing constructive to say please seek to bash elsewhere.

    The reason I started this thread was to learn a little about woodie, CCI, and his methodology.

    I am no beginner when it comes to looking at charts. I have been involved in Technical Analysis for many years and use charts in my trading. So with a posted link from the beginning of this thread, I went on the website and saw a video of woodie discussing only the Zero line reject(ZLR) trade. It was about an hour long. And it had charts without prices. He went on to discuss the trade setups with just the ZLR in mind. I found it very informative and decided to devote many hours this weekend just looking at charts without prices with the ZLR trade setup in mind.
    I am quite surprised by the results.

    Now for the results on your posted trades (drbob101):

    Out of the 8 trades you made I had 5 at the exact times as you. The 3 I did not get had to with TrendLine breaks. Which I understand, but have not yet trained my eye to spot. The rest were quite easy.

    Trade#1 8:15 Long ES at 1116.00 * +3.00

    Trade#2 8:47 Long ES at 1118.50 +3.50

    Trade#3 9:43 Long ES at 1122.00 +2.00

    Trade#4 10:15 Short ES at 1124.00 * +2.00

    Trade #5 11:05 Long ES at 1120.50 * +3.00

    Trade #6 11:15 Short ES at 1123.00 +4.00

    Trade#7 12:00 Short Es at 1118.00 +6.00

    Trade#8 12:32 Shorts ES at 1111.00 +6.00

    You are 8 for 8 profitable on this day. Not only profitable but those trade locations were amazingly precise.

    Points profit Total ES 29.50 as a conservative estimate.

    * Trades utilizing trendline breaks.

    This is astonishing considering you had no prices. I use MACD and STochastics along with just about everything a discretionary trader uses to make market calls. But I can't make blind calls such as this with any of those indicators.

    I am ordering Hotcomm today. I'll see you in chat next week.
    Thanks for the help drbob101.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Scott
    #57     Mar 14, 2004
  8. traderob


    I had a similar experience. As I said before most of the calls I heard on woodies room were so hedged that half the time they made me wonder whether I should buy or sell. There was no way I could see whether anyone was making money. Then 10 minutes later if there was a big move, the moderator would be asking who was still in - as if it had been called in the first place. Maybe if you stay long enough you can sense exactly what is going on. But the fact that it is free makes a big difference. And the members are sincere.
    The best moderator I spoke with was the Australian guy (forget his name) who works bund and eurostoxx. He really tried to show how CCI works, a real gentleman. More than that he honestly told me he was barely profitable - if at all. The fact that Woodie attracts excellent people like him says something. But the room is not for everybody (and me) and IMHO the hype about it is overdone.
    #58     Mar 14, 2004
  9. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    either Fritz40 or Croc could fit the description, I think , free registration required http://www.e-minitraders.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=312
    #59     Mar 14, 2004
  10. traderob


    Thks, interesting piece!
    I think I cant be thinking of Croc as his registration says Munich.
    This one told me he has an old Holden and has been trading 3 years, lives in Auss.
    #60     Mar 14, 2004
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