Who is Woodie???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wdscott, Mar 13, 2004.

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    This mean you won't be going to Phoenix???
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    Bwaaaahahahahaha :D

    nitro :D :D :D
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  3. after reading this thread , it is quite obvious that delusions, obsessions, and religious fervor is alive and well in the trading world. the woodie room is a prime example of the depths that guru worship will sink to when provided a "simpleton" type messiahanic leader. this leader does not claim to save souls but he does claim--or his followers claim-- that he will save your trading soul and account. he has c5racked the code, he has the holy grail and he will teach you for free---he is an average joe just like you, you relate to him and trust him fully. one of the followers here went as far as to post " i have observed 100's of trades and most of them are winners" "its hard to be duped when you are watching in real time" when the leader or the follower is asked repeatedly for proof of claims--- they immediately deny this request and arrive enmass to attack the transgressor---who would dare question such a nice old guy like woodie ?? woodie is only trying to help you ! what dont you understand is their rallying cry. furthermore--- when followeres of the leader speak about the leader ( see kev's rant on trend posted on the wodie site" it is in reverent tones---- "do you understand trend ? wodie defines trends as....... wodie says..... woodie this woodie that--classic cult brianwahsing.

    listen for yourselves, listen hard--you will hear bizzare claims, bizzare words, the taking of basic concepts, changing there names athereby claiming credit for creation in an adhoc manner.

    money is the new religion and woodie is a minor profit.

    #553     Mar 24, 2004
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