Who is Woodie???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wdscott, Mar 13, 2004.

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  1. MarkB



    On the matter of divergence, I've always found this crib sheet a little more helpful:


    But there's much more to woodie's techniques than just divergence.
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  2. My 2 cents

    I have highly recommended woodies room to ALL new traders for the following reasons.

    1. It's Free
    2. It offers structure and a plan.

    I personally have seen 2 other colleagues turn the corner on their trading and become consistently profitable.

    The reason that I personally did not continue with it is because I felt the cci only gave me a different visual representation from what I personally already traded. (Patterns)

    Recently, I have considered going back in but the chaos of the learning process in the room ,always distracted me and turned me off.

    That being said, free is free, so I don't blame Woodie or anything like that. In my opinion he is an honorable man and his motives are just. (Charity)

    I would just caution traders that are going to try this out to not get caught up in the excitment, really take the time and try and find someone in the room to help you.

    The 2 others that I know that turned the corner to consistent profits had the benefit of working with some of the veterans in the room personally and that is the reason, I believe they achieved their success.

    I would definetly go back in if I had the benefit of guidance from one of the rooms vetrans but that's the problem with this kind of free room. You are left on your own to figure things out and somtimes that can get costly.
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  3. Hey, thanks MarkB. I saved a copy for my notes. Oh, I don't pretend to know much about CCI, I've posted everything I had about it.
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  4. Like I said a man of honor and class......

    As the above post clearly shows....

    Woodie let me be one of the first to welcome you to the ET forum.
    #34     Mar 14, 2004
  5. barbara


    Interesting To Read All These Comments, Here are mine

    First, I do not believe that woodie nor anyone else in the room has ever called trading the CCI a "System". Also, as is posted every day ...that the Room is for Education...and not for anyone to come and expect to have Trades Called Out to them by Any of the Moderators ,Including woodie. Yes patterns are discussed.

    I do agree that the patterns that are potential buy/sell signals can be subjective..Also as stated many times, a new trader should attempt to concentrate on 1 or 2 patterns...and learn them well. The CCI does have a lot of nuances that I believe the individual trader needs to find with a LOT of SCreen Time...That is reviewing charts daily on replay and doing Simulating Trades.

    My personal experience is, after being a member for over a year, and studying a few patterns that suited my personality, I have decided on 2. Those are the Trendline Breaks(On CCI Not on PRICE bars) and the ZeroLine Reject. I take all my trades off the CCI, in fact I trade daily without any Prices Bars, as I have full confidence in the CCI patterns, that when I get a signal , I go. I do not do Divergences , as they come from the Price Bars, but notice most of the time the CCI trendline breaks picked them up anyway.

    I pay NO attention as to what the market Trend may be for the Day...I only pay attention to the CCI indicator , for my short term trend on the 7 & 13 Minute charts. I trade the Russell emini (ER2)
    most trades coming from an Esignal 250 volume bar chart. I am not a scalper and Av 8 - 12 trades per day.

    My point being, that I did not have personal training from a more experienced trader at my side , as was suggested by someone to be a necessity. I studies the CCI for hours and first Papertraded for 4 month and became consistent before trading LIVE.

    CCI works for me...as Stochastics works for others. There is no Holy Grail as we all know..And the way I trade could not be done on an autotrading system..because of the nuances that the CCI has..personal subjective interpretations are a necessity...IMHO

    Thanks And Come Vist Us

    I would be happy to discuss my style with anyone that has an interest

    #35     Mar 14, 2004
  6. gb007


    As one of the original dozen or so members of woodiescciclub and a 40 plus year successful trader I feel somewhat qualified to comment on Woodie and the CCI. First, the fact that the room is free and has grown from a dozen or so to over 500/day clearly describes the man and the system. The only financial request Woodie makes of participants is that they remember Make a Wish when the CCI makes a favorable contribution to their trading success. As for the CCI, it is not the holy grail nor is any other system. After 40 years of trading I can safely say I've studied virtually every indicator out there and the CCI ranks near the top. It took me more than 6 months to be convinced enough to start using CCI as Woodie uses it . I only started using it because it increased an already high win rate by 3 pct. points, not an insignificant number for a long time trader. If it took me 6 months to have confidence in the use of CCI, it will take many of you longer and I believe anyone commenting on it's merits or shortcomings after a short time just doesn't' t understand it.
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  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    woodie in the house, I feel love :D
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  8. MarkB


    Barbara and gb, I'm so glad that you've chosen to post here. I hope that I've made at least a slight contribution to Woodie's room, but it can never be on par with the objective knowledge and wisdom which both of you have provided to many, many people.

    And I must say, anyone who wishes to try the room is most welcome, as long as the rules of decorum are followed, as posted by tonyuk above. Why not suspend judgment until you've actually dedicated a little time to seeing what goes on during the typical trading week?

    Both Barbara and gb007 are invaluable resources, and wonderful people as well. Barbara works tirelessly all day to help by providing links to information designed to help newcomers to the room, maintaining the flow of communication, as well as describing what she's seeing regarding her own implementation of the cci. I have not thanked her often enough, and Barbara, if you're reading this, please accept my wholehearted thanks for all you continue to do.

    No, it's not a holy grail. There probably is no such thing. But it is a sound approach which works for many people. All Woodie asks in return is that we get along, no pot shots at each other. And indeed, a donation to Make-A-Wish would be very cool. Although it's also okay with him if you donate to your OWN favorite charity should the room help you in attaining consistent profitability. And then to assist fellow traders, the key to the success of the room.

    jem, woodie makes his calls realtime. They are indeed profitable, and he's honest when he has a loss. There are no ego issues at play in that room. But as Barbara mentions, we don't go to his room to get trading calls. We go there to learn. The calls made by the people actively trading in the room are made so that we can learn about what they have seen on the charts, and why they responded the way they did.

    I'm not going to post more in response to specific questions about profitability, percentage win rate, etc. But anyone is free to PM me with questions about the methods and my success with them. You'll gain much more if you just study his techniques, and just come and join us.

    #38     Mar 14, 2004
  9. woodie seems like a nice guy, and it appears that many people are very happy with his chat rooms---however who exactly is woodie ? is he an ex floor trader as the trading jacket he wears in the photo would suggest ?? does anyone know ??

    surfer :)
    #39     Mar 14, 2004
  10. wdscott



    You mentioned that you trade CCI without prices.
    Would you care to take a stab at this E-Mini CCI chart and tell me how you would trade it?

    Please post times and direction of entries. If you use CCI only for exits, list exits as well.

    Dave Scott
    #40     Mar 14, 2004
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