Who is Who and Does Cramer Know

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    Please review the following references I do suggest they are top Notch and most appreciated by folks like me who get slammed on forum like this one who or after they are seeking honest Info.

    I was reading an article today about how Monsanto hires public relations firms such as livings Woodell to have operatives masquerade as members of Internet discussion groups. In the example given, these ersatz list members were making false accusations against authors of an article that documented problems with a Monsanto product.

    What is relevant here is that this same public relations firm is employed by JP Morgan Chase and similar entities (Mastercard, Nasdaq), as you can see on this page. Presumably there are also operatives in Internet groups representing JPM's positions and attacking its critics.

    It might be well to keep this in mind when viewing messages, whether in these forums or elsewhere, from people whose postings seem to be supporting a particular agenda, especially if that agenda is closely aligned with the needs of some commercial entity. preciated by folks like me. END>>>

    Thank You, TJ.