Who is/was the most beautiful actress/model?

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  1. Who is/was the most beautiful actress/model in the world?

    Post pics please....

    Here is a starter....

  2. Katherine Zeta Jones :D :D
  3. Monica Bellucci
  4. Katie Holmes grows up...
  5. I'd do her, even though she seems to be developing fatty deposits in her mid-area...
  6. She's a dog...
  7. Its all make-up... when you see this gal in the flesh, she aint too hot...
  8. bronks


    I don't know her name, nor can I find a picture, but I think Moses' (Clarleton Heston) sheephearder wife in The Ten Commandments has got to be one of the all-time hotties. Her naked on a blanket next to the burning bush with those green eyes...yummm...is it easter yet?

    Oh, and of course,
  9. dbphoenix


    Yvonne DeCarlo
  10. Monica Bellucci is the clear choice!

    :) :D :p
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