who is trading for a living on ET?

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  1. not a beauty contest, just thought a bit of a list would be helpful, to relatively new joiners to the board like me, and a few others...

    ok, me:

    . instruments: spot fx, majors only, starting CME fx futures next month
    . assets: PA + OPM
    . structure: managed accts (PoA-basis)
    . preferred brokers / ECNs: hotspotfxi, currenex
    . prime broker / IPB: RBS via ODL Securities (UK)
    . based in / trading from: tokyo

    over to u guys... thks!
  2. Okay,

    Instruments: Futures, Index Options, ETFs, and some equities, purely automated
    Assets: Purely my own capital (no OPM).
    Structure: Exchange member, own broker/dealer LLC, members of CME, CBOE, one regional exchange, and soon-to-be CBOT and LIFFE.
    Clearing: ibank (rather not disclose) and two flip brokers
    Based in: New York (but with data center space in NY, Chicago and London)
  3. . instruments: Equities
    . assets: 100% personal funds
    . structure: Retail Account
    . preferred brokers: MBT
    . clearing: Penson Financial
    . based in / trading from: Toledo, Ohio

    - Spydertrader
  4. . instruments: Index Futures for intraday trading/equities, bonds & ETFs for long-term portfolio management.
    . assets: Limited Partnership for the trading account; PoA for managed accounts.
    . structure: retail
    . preferred brokers: IB
    . based in / trading from: Montreal, Canada
  5. instruments : US equity index futures
    style : quantitative
    assets : personal
    platform : retail
    broker : rj obrien
    • instruments: Futures_Options_Equities
    • assets: managed account and private funds
    • platform: J-Trader and NinjaTrader
    • preferred broker: Lions Futures__ECM (near future)
    • company structure: LLC
    • based in: Seattle

  6. Wow. Ok, so, I can assume you have a corporate structure of some kind?

    BTW, with what this setup must cost you, if I'm ever in NY, drinks are on you. :D

    Help an idiot out - what is a flip broker?
  7. 'flip' brokers, refers to what you use them for, not a different type of broker... perhaps best if we cld just stick to the list in this thread - waterloo mate, u forgot to leave your details ;-)
  8. Instruments: Stocks and futures
    . assets: Own funds + friends and family
    . Platform: self developed data analysis and trade management software
    . preferred brokers : IB
    . style: Quantitative systems
    . based in / trading from: North Brunswick , NJ
  9. Cheese


    Jesus Christ .. trading for a living!

    The only purpose the market has is to spill a fortune into your pocket. Who the living horsesh*t would want jack away a lifetime on some treadmill called 'trading for a living' and thats if you ever learn to consistently make a profit.
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