Who is today's hottest talking head?

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  1. Not really anyone right.... Roubini, Rogers, Faber, Shiff, Hugh Hendry.... Over the last years they all had their moment in the sun, With their fans on the internet hating on everyone not agreeing.... But today..... No one really makes peoples blood cook.... Whats going on.... No one worth listening to anymore? People tired of listening to some old rich farts?? Or have i just missed who is hot today??
  2. Maybe you outgrew them all.{:>)

    That's pretty interesting observation. I think you're right. The guru's have all flat lined. Commentary is like stock market junk food.The bulls are boring the bears are boring.

    I haven't read Buffets shareholder letter yet.
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    There're far too many dynamics in play for anyone to accurately predict anything. They all just talk their book anyway ,even if their book is just a book they've written. They get lucky once and make a living from it for years because the media outlets need to fill so much time.
  4. Unfortunately I don't see this changing if Obama is re-elected.

    Continued uncertainty.Plus no one wants to work with this adminstration. Everyone quits or politely declines. More academics on staff.Soon we'll have the smartest guys in the room problem.One bernanke is plenty.:D

    Ps.OTH, he'll tap into a few more octigenerians. Umnnn.. yea...we need Buffet in the WH and Volkcer, we got anymore geezers we can tap.

    Buffet rule.

    Volcker rule.


    Carter rocks...

    Maybe help him out there with Iran.What's Carter, 100 yo maybe...
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    Nutmeg, perhaps you can explain how any of the Republicans except for Paul are going to effect the talking points you listed any differently?
  6. I understand we aren't going to turn an ocean liner around very quickly but the guy is just not inspiring.

    He came into office with a finacial crisis and passed health care, now we have two problems. He came into office with high gas prices, and here we are again.

    You want four more years of indecision?.
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  8. One of the biggest misunderstandings is academic types does not = smart, it = stupid, arrogant, displeasure, awkward, pretentious, and the absolute inability to lead, come up with ideas, or do anything with their flesh other than do activities like study the beginnings of social networking by traveling to the bowels of Africa for a few weeks. American education, or pretty much any education anywhere today, does nothing but take money... kind of like the government overspending on everything they buy...Drop out you FREAKS!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. nut you are very persuasive, I really like reading your material, helps me learn! :p
  9. Oh .... I thought you were talking about hot women.

    Speaking of, I wouldn't characterize her as 'hot' -- though she is and they have been 'packaging' her more than I'd like -- but, extremely appealing both in appearance and persona/content, my vote goes to: Margaret Brennan of Bloomberg, no contest. Haven't seen her lately though.

  10. margaret doesn't get me.

    erin burnett is a 10 of 10

    that stupid milessa lee.....whatever I dont want to be mean
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