Who is this Tim Sykes.? He seems like a big douchebag

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I saw this guy on a few episodes of Wall street warriors. The guy wants people to hand him over money.

    One guy came in for an interview to see if Tim Sykes is a good place to manage his money (1mil) but I think after he saw this guy he packed up and went elsewhere.

    The way he trades seems like he is always not too far from blowing out his account. He seems too erratic for my tastes.

    I wonder how he did eventually.
  2. He blew out his puny "hedge fund" (LOL at even calling it that).

    Now he's scamming newbies with his penny stock website.

    He tried to advertise on here a couple years ago and was torn a new asshole.

    He's a lowlife snake oil salesman.
  3. Isnt he the top performer at Covestor.
  4. sucker claims 95% winners and posts them.

    he's either the best that ever lived or he's a fraud.
  5. Or with his trading strategy he averages $100 profit for every winner and a $2000 loss for every loser. I'm pretty sure I could claim 95% winners with a strategy like that.
  6. dude, check his site out. he claims huge wins, and very rarely a big loser.

    I don't want to pump his scam, but if he's legit, then what do I care.

    Since I have no way to check the realtime status of his trades, and I don't trust that site that 'monitors' him, I have to take it on faith.

    But if you look at the past results, its almost laughably good.
  7. i c none of you turkeys checked it out.

    sykes is claiming hes the best that ever lived.

    he never loses.

    why are you even bothering to trade? just give him your money.