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  1. Yes I still lost money.....

    But I am consistent now. There is a learning curve. I lost money for a lot of other reasons other than my knowledge of the market. What I really needed to discover was myself.

    I have spent thousands on myself for a self discovery process. It took me a few years but I found out what was causing a lot of my problems. I had a self sabatoge issue going on.

    This was caused by my parent's divorce and my father moving to the other end of the country. I felt guilty as I know about their problems and was the counselor for both of them (they would tell me (at 8 yrs old none the less) about their problems but not each other. I felt alone and worthless deep inside. For the longest time trading was able proving to my father that I was worth something. This made it very hard to accept losses. The rules he taught me are what counts but it was the psychological side that took over and made me break them. Now that I know of all of this I am free and very profitable.

    Your beliefs you have in life will show up in your trading style. For me I had to remove some very deep beliefs before I could become heavily profitable.

    Robert Tharp
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  2. oolarinm


    I totally agree , as i was also mentored by an ex market maker ( 15 years experience ) but i couldn't stop linking the present trade to the last and that was a major issue , then was the thing with thinking in probability , oh was that hard !!!!! but once i got over those i became consitent.

    Are Brad martin and brian june together?
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  3. A man must know himself thoroughly if he is going to make a good job out of trading in the speculative markets.

    Jesse Livermore
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  4. I know that Brad is one of the guest speakers at some of the seminars that they do but I can't give an opinion of what he says as I haven't attended the seminar when he spoke.

    Robert Tharp
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  5. Dearest Friend;

    I humbly request of you to consider two points:

    1) eGoose site is not operational. Therefore, I sincerely apologize if I misdirected you to a website that doesn't exist and wasted your time. Please forgive me, oh won't you please?

    2) The MSN community is a free service provided for people to exchange market ideas and review charts. There is no commercial value to it whatsoever. All we ask is that you bring peace, love and good wine. No people bashing, no soliciting, no hyping the self, no fake aliases to use to hype the self, and no self-admiration of any kind is allowed. 420 for life :cool:

    Would you please consider the above points and commence APOLOGIZING TO ME IMMEDIATELY FOR BEING FLATLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: NOW!!

    In any case, I believe the spirit of Elite Trader is to share market insights, opinions, and ideas regarding the industry. It appears to me, at least in the "3 weeks" that I've been here, it is used primarily as a venue for bashing other people, which suggests to me there's more than a few children on this board that haven't quite yet figured out the meaning of profitability. :eek:


    Graffix is the only way to go.

    Peace my friend, for love is all we have to share in this world, and without it, we would have NOTHING. Now, go next door and give your neighbor a hug.
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  6. this is a tight knit community, and anything perceived to be intrusive (like an opninion from someone other than the mainstream here), is always considered bash material.

    Just look at how they tried (but miserably failed) to bash www.shortboy.com

    Just read the thread and you'll find the same 3 or 4 doing what they do best, egregiously bashing a site that is not elite trader.

    They'll never apologize for anything. But anyone of intelligence knows exactly what their opinions are worth.
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  7. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    I'm beside myself that my post could bring out the love in you. Well, your original response was a bit more vitriolic, but I see you edited and essentially re-wrote most of it, so that the true love could shine thru. :)

    eGoose site is not operational.
    That's true, as I just tried going there. However, I was there a few days ago without incident, and the site appeared fully functional to me. Sorry it didn't occur to me to check again immediately before making that reference in my post.

    The MSN community is a free service...
    I'm aware of that as I've been a member of MSN and a number of their forums since 1999.

    There is no commercial value to it whatsoever.
    You're preaching to the choir, my friend. Not sure where you interpreted commercial implications in that part of my post when I said: "pointing people to his MSN community"

    Hmmm, if you re-read my post you will see the spirit of it was to chill out when I said,"C'mon folks, we're over-reacting and getting a touch paranoid, eh?...Let's relax a bit..."

    So to you Pej I say, relax, no need to over-react, your non-commercial contributions are welcome here. Good trading.
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  8. Amen... and lets move on in the spirit of brotherly love, for we are soldiers, fighting against our inner demons.
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  9. This was all I was looking for, and after I read further, I noticed your dad's name, and then saw what the promotion was all about. Thanks for the answer, and please tell Candle to take a prozac or something...gee whiz, I wish I knew as much about myself and my organization as he seems to think he does.... (anyway, thanks!).

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  10. from oolarinm:
    "i couldn't stop linking the present trade to the last and that was a major issue , then was the thing with thinking in probability , oh was that hard !!!!!"


    Can you share a little bit more of your experience in stop linking the present trade to the last? Thank you.
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