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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jan 14, 2002.

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    Reply to this quote:

    "Check out this link to Larry Williams. you gotta give him some credit for at least addressing a lot of this."

    Other than saying that this is the same crap that Wade Cook, Ken Roberts, Carleton Sheets, Don Lapree spew about why they sell the "secrets" to their success.

    I will say this, defending yourself against your critics is almost a sure sign you are have something to hide. It is like asking someone if they are lying to you, if they say NO and have to qualify "the no" with 8 follow-up sentences, they are lying.

    Have a good day.
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    This appears to be a subtle attempt at publicizing the source of the original email Don referred to.

    I didn't, for one minute, believe Don was making a subtle -- or even not so subtle -- attempt to publicize Brian June's website. C'mon folks, we're over-reacting and getting a touch paranoid, eh?

    Now, in contrast, Barbarian makes an astute observation regarding the irony of Pej, on his own thread, clearly pointing people to his MSN community, with a not-so-subtle reminder (in the title alone) of his own egoose site.

    Let's relax a bit, those who are Candle's so-called brethren, and those who are not the fortunate (?) chosen ones, and accept that marketing is part of the trading game. And that, sometimes, an innocent question is actually being asked. :eek:
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    Well put Magna. Seems so many around here have such pent-up
    hostility/paranoia. Just like America.....Everybody is free to speak here. I wonder how many would enjoy contributing, but won't, for fear of being pounced upon by some who think they RUN Elitetrader. Relax folks. It's just a message board. A place to learn and share about the stock market. Everyone's opinion counts even if they are wrong.:cool:

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    lol pretty funny post....especially from an elitetrader veteran of 3 weeks or so.....

    Still haven't seen an answer to the original question on the room aspect, although I am interested in the book and am heading to the review candle posted ( after his initial assault lol)

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  5. Yes I highly recommend the book by Van Tharp and Brian June... its one of the best out there... I have a great respect for Van Tharp and his work... I maintain my strong and positive recommendations for the contributions of Van Tharp and associates to the trading industry... I only have praise for Van Tharp and Robert Tharp (his son), the latter of whom is an active participant within this forum... read the reviews both on Elitetrader and on Amazon, they are on the whole impressive... Van Tharp is a credit to the industry.

    Now, onto the issue of this thread. I don't need or want to know that Don Bright has received correspondence and is "making calls" to follow up on his correspondence from the various services out there ... Don's "making calls" statement almost seems like an internal desire to impress a crowd of admirers e.g.. "I am making calls to follow up on what I have received; how dare people send such stuff to me, for I am above the lowly rank of the proletariat"... the fact that Don chooses to advertise the fact that he is "making calls" on the basis of received literature certainly does not warrant a thread... my energies on this thread were simply channelled into highlighting the pursuit of self-aggrandisement as practiced by Bright et al. ... twas indeed a somewhat illuminating insight into the potential infrastructure of Bright Trading (since firms are often modeled in their owners' image)... so for those attracted by self-aggrandisement, you know where to head :D
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    "my energies on this thread were simply channelled into highlighting the art and practice of self-aggrandisement as practiced by ....??"

    As well as not wanting to pass up the opportunity to display your prowess with the english language.....:p

    Thanks for the info on the book...
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  7. Gee....

    I leave my computer for a few days and a thread like this pops up. (Went to Green Bay for Playoff game)


    Brian June

    co-authored a book called Financial Freedom Through Electronic Daytrading with my father. He was one of the graduates of my father's programs. When my dad looked at some of his strategies they decided that there was enough to write a book about them.

    Now on that link. Brad Martin is one of Brian's students. He is an ex floor trader at the CME S&P 500 pit (10 + yrs on flr). Brad got off the floor and hooked up with a brokerage firm. He trades the early morning gaps in the morning. He has audited brokerage statements of turning $30,000 into $900,000
    I'm not sure of a chat room as I haven't heard anything about it. I have been to the seminar and can say it is worthwhile. I prefer opening orders and using fair value than looking at a chart to figure if it is a gap and go or gap and trap.

    Robert Tharp
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  8. I know a guy who was on the Board of the NFA the fine wasn't $12,000 it was over $200,000. He is even lying on his site. He was fined due to running a hedge fund that had losses of over 50% while at the exact same time he had a return of over 1000% and advertised that. Anyone ever hear of owning 2 accounts at the exact same time and making the exact opposite trades in each account. One will have huge winners while the other has huge losers.
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  9. Hey if you have questions about Dr. Tharp, or Brian June
    please address them to me. I am VERY active on this board and have worked with both of them heavily.

    Robert Tharp
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    As you said in another thread, you were heavily trained by a market wizard , and you still lost money . So what is the point of all this expensive training that these people are putting out there? seeing that regardless of who trains you ( and you may have gotten yours for free ) you will still end up losing money.

    Are you not better off keeping the money you have , and using it to learn the style that suites you best ( of course you will still lose some of it )
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