Who is this person..?

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  1. I totally disagree with you wwatson... you are not a waste of space... you are like a kindred spirit for me, as are Protrader and TradeRX.... we are like brethren, coming to do battle on Elitetrader on a daily basis.
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  2. How come there is no way of contacting that clown Larry Williams on his cheap website. You would think somebody with all of that money could make a better looking website, I wouldn't give any money to somebody who has a website that looks like an advertising flyer for a circus.:D
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  3. What does brethren mean? :(
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  4. Brethren is the pluralistic form of the word Brother, my brother.
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  5. well i learn something new of this board everyday. :)
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  6. Twas indeed a pleasure to be of some educational value.
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  7. I missed that subtle point that pejman and apparently candle was trying to make, my apologies candle for making light.

    Don was this a subtle attempt at publicizing the website?
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  8. mgkrebs


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  9. Its an excellent book; you can read my review of it in Elitetrader's Book Review section.
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  10. Thanks to everyone for the responses (and yes it was a legitimate question, and yes perhaps I should have started a different thread explaining the topic, and NO I was in no way trying to publicize that site....)...

    Those of you who have been following some of the stuff I am doing on this board and others, know that I like to find out about (and write about in the magazine and other places) the "good, bad, and the extremely ugly" information and services that are being aimed at potential stock traders and others in the business.

    When I find something new (to me at least) I like to ask for a little perspective from others.

    If someone has a more appropriate title than I used for this information gathering, let me know.

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