Who is this person..?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. Don..

    i doubt you would have gotten the same response had you simply asked your question under one of the old threads.. its just a nuicance to be enticed into a subject that someone doesnt find interesting by a new thread with an unclear title..

    that said.. anyone charging 750 a month for a chat room may not be a very good trader but they are smoking some really good weed =)..

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  2. I love it! All you "geniuses" wasting space complaining about "wasted space". LOL...Candle's diatribe alone took three times the space as Don's original inquiry (which was legit and OK in my opinion). You coyuld have answered him in a civil manner in half the space and time you wasted!

    Now we're gonna have a parade of "wasted space" posters piling on like a third rate high school football team.

    I say to you...


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  3. nitro


    :D :D :D :D
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  4. its a legimate question even if it does not merit a thread in and of itself.

    But posts on stocktip/chatrooms and the bogus operators who prey upon the uncertainties of novice traders would provide ample fodder for community discourse.
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  5. trdrmac


    Don I thought your post was a good one. I mean whose to say that someone got the brochure, sent the money and blew their life savings on some BS system could not have been saved by reading a post or two.

    I just got some crap from Larry Williams, didn't he win a trading contest while bankrupting his client accounts?? wonder where those good trades got booked?
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  6. newbie


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  7. This thread is the perfect example of EliteTrader has evolved to.

    This appears to be a subtle attempt at publicizing the source of the original email Don referred to.

    It's this type of wasted bandwidth that really turns a lot of the market veterans away from this board after they review it for a couple of weeks.
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  8. ...should not be wasted.
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  9. ... should not be wasted either.
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  10. Listen, I am the biggest waste of space who uses this board.
    I would like to see somebody argue with that.
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