Who is this person..?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. I'm sorry, but I have to ask before I get myself in trouble again. I just got some unsolicited email for some $3,000 workshop run by someone who also charges $750 / month for a chat room. It was just told to me and I haven't read anything about it yet, but it's called 1 minute trader or something similar....??? Anyone know who this is?

    This may be authentic or may just be some sort of gimmick (I've seen so many in the last few months). :confused:
  2. Rtharp may know about him since this guy has used Van Tharp as a coach and co-authored the book with him......
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    It is Brian June of course!
  4. OK, I read some of the website info...I will make some calls on this...thanks for the help!
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    I am just curious, but what kind of calls are you going to do on that?
  6. WHY DO WE NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING SUCH CORRESPONDENCE AND MAKING CALLS ON THE BASIS OF IT? How should your telling us that you are going to make such calls benefit us... please reflect on this and then come to the rational conclusion that this thread is a TOTAL waste of space on Elitetrader.

    I will not be posting any THREADS about what correspondence I receive and any ensuing calls that I am making as a result of its receipt... why should the fact you are receiving correspondence be elevated to the status of ANY importance whatsoever?

    Does correspondence addressed to Don Bright merit special attention?... is your correspondence of particular importance? An unequivocal and resounding NO to both.

    Come on Don... WE SIMPLY DON'T CARE about what comes into your mailbox or email box. Moreover, we are not bothered, impressed or stimulated by your assertion that you will be 'making calls' about it. Its hardly something to be in awe of or to have feelings of reverence about.


    HALLELUJAH Candletrader!!! Couldn't of said it better myself!!!
    There must be some anti delusional pill on the market for the inflated self importance he seems to be infected with.
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    Unsolicited emails and such.
    From another thread.
    "If it knocks loudly, then it definately isn't opportunity"
  9. Sorrrrrryyyyyyy......

    Maybe I need to get an alias so I can post a simple question without being under such ridiculous scrutiny. Gee whiz!!


  10. lol tough crowd Don. Watch your wallet!

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