Who is this high roller??

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  1. "When I shorted 200 shares of Force Protection (NasdaQ: FRPT) on Friday afternoon at $11.20, I was expecting... but, similar to hitting a pool ball into a pocket you didn't call, I was not rewarded for my efforts.

    In the end, FRPT finished down 11% at $9.60, but not before an early morning spike to $11.80 scared me and a few other shorts out of our positions. I covered at $11.25 (before the morning spike), for a devastating loss of $25 including commissions."

    Can you guess who gets scared out of 200 shares of an $11 stock ??
  2. Your friend Timmy!
  3. no offense but idiot maybe
  4. Timmay? The same guy who came here and bragged about making millions? The same guy who bragged that he can stomach $50K losses? Can't be :p
  5. :confused: :eek: :p :D
  6. "A devastating loss of $25"... Is that like a massive two inch cock?

  7. I signed up for his e mail and read that. I have his cygt on my watch list only for medicinal purposes I would never buy it, that crapped out too.
  8. Tom631



    So you're the hater who got busted...

    Multiple user names here and elsewhere all coming from

    IP in Mount Pleasant, SC

    Here you are


    Been busted all over the place....( not to mention all the hate posts here under different user names...just check IP )



  9. 1) All I did was quote from your website timmay, which I visit to be entertained.

    2) I've never been in SC in my life, nor have any desire.
  10. bathrobe


    Timmays brain is like a government supercomputer built for trading speed and flawless execution.

    WSW is only available on HDTV where I live this joker made me want to cruise garage sales for an old tube television with antenna w/ foil on it.

    How big did he plan on getting if he only shorts penny stocks based on text messages or faxes or whatever the fuck he said his initial plan was. Now I am embarrassed because I just regurgitated something he said.
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