Who is this dumb bitch that McCain picked as VP Nominee?

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  1. She's as annoying as Hillary. It's painful listening to her talk about her rat kids.

    Who the hell lives in ALASKA????

    McCain just blew it. Idiot.
  2. 100% true.
    this guy just fuck his chances.. He dont deserve to be president.
  3. you kidding me? i think she's great!

    you guys are obviously liberals.

    she hates earmarks, didn't want the bridge to no where, etc. i love this gal. she shoots bears!

    care to make a bet who wins? A real bet. real money.

    barak got a bump of a whole 4 points so far from the convention. less than half of historical averages.

    He's toast!
  4. if you really wanted to bet or believed mccain would win you would bet at Intrade.
  5. Its not about being liberals or not... its common sense.

    Have you seen where she stands on issues???
    She makes McCain look like a left wing looney.

    Why would Dems now be more likely to vote for McCain???...... Just because he picked a woman as VP??? Come on man..... Dems are not that shallow.

    This will back fire on McCain
  6. jay, please don't insult me saying that im a liberal, because im NOT.

    But this is a wrong pick in the wrong time in history. She looks like those porno actress from the 70's.

    she's really hot, but that's it. No experience, pro union, with interest with the oil lobby... she's just a easy target for biden and Obama.
  7. Mccain will likey fall ill or die in office,many people know this,will the country vote for Palin for President ?

    Any dirt on her will have a huge impact and mccains camp wont have time to fix it
  8. Hehe,

    USA's first MILF in office (though five kids is a lot of space)? She is truly a heartbeat away from being president, and she will probably be wearing outfits and perfume to heighten John McCain's blood pressure, get his pump running a little... Like he likes to say - the VP just hangs around waiting for the funeral, and McCain's medical history is several thousand pages long.
  9. This is McCains "shock and awe" tactic.

    Political news media is shocked....
    and horny highs school boys are in awe
  10. On a serious note, she's not dumb nor a bitch.

    She is, however, an awful choice for McCain, and it is a sign of a Hail Mary pass that he picked her, because this woman has a lot of improvement to make in style to allow the country to get to know and like her in 9 short weeks.

    I really am surprised that McCain didn't go with Romney, and I do think this is his failure moment.

    Hell, Elizabeth Dole would have been a far better choice than this.
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