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    Toptradercompetition.com announces their latest Futures Trading Contest, sponsored by Global Futures. Traders from around the world will be competing to see who is the top trader!!!

    How to Participate
    Simply click here to register.

    Contest rules and regulations are outlined on the contest website at: www.Toptradercompetition.com

    Registration Deadline
    You must register by 6:30 AM PT on October 17, 2011 in order to be eligible to trade in the contest.</P>
    <P>Get ready to challenge yourself and see how you compare with other futures traders alike. The contest commences on October 17, 2011. Register Now.

    Let the Best Trader Win!

    Thank you,
    Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc.
    T 877-367-3177 Toll Free (US/Can Only)
    T 818-996-0404 International

    There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Global Futures is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the content available www.Toptradercompetition.com.
  2. Why would any one do this? Any reasonably decent trader is probably not enticed to do this for a few grand (except maybe for charity)?

    And related to that point, the winning strategy is to just make an outright, outsized bet - since long term expectancy and risk don't matter. There's no down side.

    Given the above two, what's the point of this? (I know it's for publicity to get newbies to join - but maybe you can show me the errors of my thinking)

  3. Is this a competition only for a week?

    Do I understand correctly from previous results that in the past two competitions only one trader in the first and only two traders in the second finished with positive equity?
  4. From the rules page: "there is a prize participation fee of $10."

    .... I see... this is nice way of making some money off of the "I just learned to trade" crowd.

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    although we do ask a small entry fee, contest is run at a loss; the amount of cash prize money has been greater than the total entry fees collected in our previous contests.

    of course the contest is promotional to encourage new traders, but it's also done to foster a sense of community.

    yes the contest is only for a one week time frame and we've also limited the number of markets available and the number of tradable lots; it's done to minimize the chances of unscrupulous contestants using illegitimate tactics.

    i think you may have misread the results from our last two competitions; in each contest there were many traders who finished with a positive balance.
    when you check the results page you'll see that everyone of the top 20 ended the contest with a gain.
  6. You must be really bored, mate...
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    only a few days left to register for our latest competition, click here to register.

    if you still need a reason to join up the first and most obvious is to test yourself. when you don't have any skin the game you're more likely to trade recklessly, having a real cash prize helps make the contest a bit more tangible.

    trading in the contest can also break up the routine and give you a chance to test out new strategies in different markets. the contest gives you a chance to step outside your comfort zone without risking a real loss.
  9. Not necessarily. Years ago in a REAL year-long, audited, competition (The US Investing Championships)... requiring a $700 entry fee... I bolstered my reputation in the markets and earned an estimated $2,000,000 from winning 3 divisions of it.

    To be of value to entrants, however, the contest needs to be legit and "substantial enough".

    That is... if your "contest" is paper trading or you had to put up only $1,000 in real money... it won't matter to anybody what you do, who wins, or how the winner performs. Suggest not wasting your time on such contests...

    In the MMVR contest, entrants had to not only pay a $700 entry fee, they had to put up $1,000,000... REAL MONEY... trade for a year, and have the results audited. The leaders of that contest were considered to have done "something significant"... and could attract some attention from the managed money crowd.
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    one last bump before the weekend.....

    best of luck to all those competing next week. if you'd like to sign up just click here to register.
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