Who is the pretentious liberal douche bag running Obama's twitter account?

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    Max E.

    Amateur Hour at the White House Part Deux:

    Im not even going to attempt to assign blame to Obama over this asshole, but im still curious as to who the pretentious douche is that is running Obama's twitter account.

    Last week i posted about how this ass hat who runs Obama's twitter account was following Celebrity Sideboob. Now this week a tweet under Obama's official account comes out saying: MEET ME AND CLOONEY, MAKE YOUR LIFE COMPLETE. Are these people in the whitehouse really vain enough to believe that they are so goddamn special, that we little "peasants" lives would be complete, if only we could be in their presence for a few minutes?

    Maybe if i catch a small glimpse of the side of a celebrity's boob i can go to the grave comfortably knowing I did not live my life in vain.....


    Excitement! Thrills! Hobnobbing with the crème de la crème of American society! All of these can be yours if you toss Barack Obama some cash.

    That, at least, is the message of President Obama’s latest campaign to raise money: he’s emailed his supporters asking for donations, which enter them into a lottery to attend a fundraiser at George Clooney’s home. Here’s what President Obama tweeted:

    Yes, it is certainly on our life lists to meet President Obama and George Clooney! Who wouldn’t want to meet these intellectual giants, these moral heavyweights? Our lives revolve around such momentous encounters.

    But this is what Obama and Clooney think of everyday Americans: we sit around, whiling away our hours dreaming of a glimpse of The One or The Jaw. Our petty little lives mean nothing; it is chance encounters with such blazing suns of personality that illuminates our humdrum little existences.

    How patronizing. How pathetic. How exploitative. But then again, is that the Obama administration in a nutshell?
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    Remember, they are appealing to mindless liberals like futurecurrents and IQ47. I'm sure they have already sent in their $3 donations so they have a chance. :)