Who is the most pro-Israel Republican candidate?

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  1. We need to support the most pro-Israel Republican candidate since Israel is our best ally and Obama is a muslim.

    Who loves Israel most out of the Republicans?
  2. Ron Paul does. He loves em enough to leave em alone.
  3. He does not want to attack Iran. He is no patriot.
  4. Clearly, you do.

    You should the lead the charge into Iran.

    In fact, you should go it alone, like Rambo.

    That's exactly what could bring Tehran down - a lone nut....er, gunman! :D
  5. Obama may be an illegal alien liberal, but even he will bomb Iran.

    I support our military for the Iran war.
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    Who is the most pro-Israel Republican candidate?

    Who cares?
  7. We should all care. Israel is our closest ally.
  8. How is Israel our closest alley?

    We give them money. Not the other way around.
  9. What does Israel do for the United States ?
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    I don't.
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