Who is the most knowledgeable Senator on the Economy?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by NewAccount, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Who is the most knowledgeable Senator on the Economy? Dem. or Rep.

    Who is the chairman of the economical committee, if one exists?

    Is there like a Housing committee?

  2. Dodd is the head of Banking. I hear, if you need a mortgage, he can set you up nice. Boy. That story died in a heartbeat. The Republicans wouldn't touch it, because they're on that list too.

    He has Schumer on that committee to help him. If your a hedge fund guy, and you need something done, see him. Shelby is Republican, was a dem. He's on banking. He's for sale.
    The guy in Louisiana has cash in his freezer. The one in Alaska works for favors. Byrd is in pampers and cries like a baby. He seems to be the only Son of a Bitch not on the take (anymore).

    You see. They all know a lot about the economy. What's to know? It's kinda like Goodfellas, but they don't need guns.
  3. Ron Paul -
  4. :)
  5. Ron Paul knows just enough to be dangerous, but doesn't know enough to fix things without doing irreparable damage.

    The better question: would you like him delivering your wife's baby?
  6. Since gold dropped $200 it's obvious that Ron Paul, who wants to tie the value of the dollar to gold, knows little or nothing about economics.
  7. My first thought when I read this question was that it was very similar to asking 'Who the fastest horse is in the glue factory?'