Who is the most Honest FX broker?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by midlifeguy, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hopefully somewhere where I can trade via a Macintosh?
  2. i know a friend at man financial that i can recommend to you
  3. MTE


    "...the most honest FX broker"

    That's an oxymoron.:D
  4. virgin


    Yeah ! :D :D
  5. ohh ok -- what do you guys trade anyway?
  6. I don't currently trade FX, but I traded it alot from early 2004 - late 2005.

    GFT is the only broker/dealer I ever used, and had absolutely zero complaints as a self-directed trader. There were no phantom price fills I questioned, and pre-econ report strangles were filled on the stops. That part may have changed due to recent limitations on news trading tactics in FX, don't know.

    If I were trading spot FX again, GFT would be my first choice due to positive experience before.
  7. what are their spreads like? on majors? eur usd? they use strat runner just like MAN -
  8. If it's an intel-Mac, it really doesnt matter.....

    Use Parallels in Coherence Mode and you're all set.
  9. traderob


    Just in case anyone is thinking of joining Marketiva they spam relentlessly on ET and other boards. Hard to imagine they are bona fide.