Who is the most annoying?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. I came across an interesting website, which lists the most annoying people of 2002......here are the top 3.

  2. ALICE


    This is another of your shameful hoaxes, 777, because YOU would definitely make one of those top three spots!:(

    You are brutal. LMAO.
  4. TGregg


    I'm guessing 777 has been dropped from ALICE's ignore list :D.

    Well, let's see how our hero (Mr.Market) has been faring. A review of his current portfolio (assuming that he has exactly the same amount of money invested in each and every position) shows that he has lost a "summed up" 13.0103% over 24 positions for an average return of -0.5421% per position before commissions since 1/1/02. He'd of been better off just stuffing his mattress.:D
  5. ALICE


    I thought 777 had changed but apparently he hasn't:mad:

    He has no shame:(
  6. rs7


    Man, I EVER hardly use "LOL" or have much use for the common internet acronyms and the rest of the Internet culture's little "hip geek" expressions. No putdown intended. Just guess I have been passed by. My Parents didn't know the music of Hendirx.

    BUT... thas last visual presentation deserves a Hearty:


    Optional, you really should exploit your talents for profit!
    You could do a "coffee table book". Maybe a couple. Optional's Greatest Hits as one, and another entire edition (signed, numbers and very expensive for the first run) on MrMarket. I still laugh out of nowhere 'cause the "on the beach" image will pop into my brain.

  7. ALICE


    rs7 unfortunately you are easily amused:(

    777 has been doing the same old tired material forever now. If anything he is predictable, not amusing in the least (unless of course you also find pulling wings off flies or crushing harmless ants good fun):(
  8. Being the contrarian indicator to what is actually funny that you are, thanks for the recognition.
  9. lololol.. :D
  10. rs7


    Guilty as charged I guess. Easily amused when there is truly funny stuff to amuse me. MrMarket is a "stand alone" joke, and Optionall is just gifted enough to exploit this treasure trove of potential humor.

    Alice....lighten up. Try a little objectivity, and you too may realize what a humorous situation this whole thing is. MrMarket is a blowhard that prides himself on his pathetic act .... (look at me...I am "huge". I am overwhelming, I and I can't book a loser). What value is there to his posts other than humor and inviting ridicule?

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