Who Is The More Racist Member RCG Trader or pspr?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Aug 20, 2012.

Who Is More Racist Judging By Their Posts?

  1. RCG Trader

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  2. PSPR

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  1. pspr


    RCG Trader seems to relish in pointing out comments by members here that he deems to be racist. I propose that the real racist on this site is RCG Trader and not other posters.

    Since he accuses me of posting racist comments and I believe he is the real racist with all his accusations and name calling I will leave it up to the readers here to decide who is more racist. Myself, pspr, or RCG Trader.

    Please vote and add your own comment here.

  3. Brass


    Rather than questioning a given, pspr, perhaps a more meaningful poll would be one addressing your sanity.
  4. It wouldn't be accurate considering there are many loons just like pspr here imo

    I always believed pspr was posting from his room in a mental institution
  5. 377OHMS


    I don't read RCG's posts anymore but when I did it was clear that he was filled with hatred towards the white establishment and blamed his own failed life on them.

    There are a few people here who support him but they are mostly just run-of-the-mill leftists who hate the United States and subsequently love seeing an affirmative action President destroy it. They aren't real racists in my view.

    I can't remember you ever posting anything remotely racist. A few of the aforementioned leftists will vote against you just because your represent conservative values and they don't have an objective bone in their bodies.
  6. Mav88


    Ever wondered what communists are doing in a trading forum?

    A communist trader is like a muslim bartender, people who have no problem with consistency.
  7. Brass


    And how about fascists, MavHH?

  8. AK, I see you do not understand the difference between "racist" and "racial"

    Here, Let me show you the difference between racial and racist.

    RACIAL- "Those black people sure do love their fried chicken"

    RACIST- "Those Niggers sure do love their fried chicken"
  9. Mav88


    A fascist would not have an idealogical problem with trading, a communist obviously would, you should know that except you also seem to have an idealogical problem with education.
  10. Lucrum


    de minimis
    #10     Aug 20, 2012