Who is the HOTTIE on CNBC?????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dac8555, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    There is a girl I have seen lately on CNBC that is simply delicious. she is not one of the regular cast, she just does a quick 30 second comentary maybe a couple of times a day. She really stands out in the looks department. brown hair, with the supermodel lips. i cant find anything on the internet. or on cnbc.com.

    anyone know who I am talking about? who the hell is that?

  2. S2007S


    the one on "one the money"

    Margret Brennan???
  3. Biana or something like that. She is Persian....and hot as fire.
  4. I think you are talking about Sylvia Wawa
  5. ddunbar

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    Bianna Golodyrga.

    And yes, she's yummy.

  6. that's my wife.
  7. ddunbar

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    You have to see her live to appreciate. Just like Liz Claman who has nice hmm hmms ... and a gorgeous smile.
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  9. It sounds like its time for you to head over to Dubai.
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