Who is the Dem choice?

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  1. Not sure, but I believe this is the first thread I've started here.

    Apologies in advance.

    SouthAmerica pisses me off to such an extreme with his WAY outta here politics, that I thought maybe its just me out of the loop.

    So: Who is the Dem nom?

    I think the Repub nom is Romney or McCain.

  2. Well, that didn't get any interest.

    Sorta makes my point.
  3. Sure feels like Hillary. Lot of money and help gravitating toward her. So far though a lot of the press on her is confined to the east.

    Quote of the Day
    "I don't take anything he says seriously anymore."

    -- Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), quoted by WNYC, on Vice President Dick Cheney.

    I watch these sites some because they are pretty much neutral. The second one is massive.


  4. bsmeter



    Buahahhaahhahahahhaaaaa!!! ROTFLMAO!! :D

    This fool actually thinks Americans have a choice in who they elect president.

    It must be fun living in fantasy land. ROTFLMAO!! :D

  5. no worries, it's all up to diebold..u in safe hands.
  6. REPs will be real interesting.

    Romney -- religious nutjob - no way. Frist -- family corruption and animal abuse. Rudy - -way up in the polls but ugly the way Nixon was - scares women and children. McCain - American hero but weaker lately. Pataki -- stealth candidate - nobody realizes he's running -- he's brilliant. Rice -- country not ready. Henry Paulson might make a good candidate. Has to be McCain or Rudy at this point. :cool:
  7. Rudy has his appeal to the neo-types...

    <img src=http://www.americanpolitics.com/ledermangestapogiuliani.jpg>

    But I do agree, in the words of Ahnold, he is "a ugly mutherf_cker...."

    <img src=http://www.dvorak.org/blog/gop2/6.jpg>

    Actually, I think Rudy hopes to be McCain's running mate...Rudy as VP is a heartbeat from an old man away from President.

  8. Strike everything I said above about Reps -- I'm way wrong. I just saw the Rep -- Schlesinger or whoever he is has only 6% in CT. :D 6 fkenpercent :p Oh my God. Ho ho. Can't even use Reps for bait.
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    That's because all the Reps in CT are supporting Lieberman. Sheesh 87, you read all those political sites and you didn't pick up on that?
  10. My guess would be either Gore or Edwards. Edwards is a mighty powerful stump speaker carrying very little baggage and now has national recognition.
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