who is the biggest loser on elitetrader

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by WhiteOut56, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. what I mean by that is who has the greatest # of posts / day
  2. ELECTRICSAVANT - I think that was his name.
  3. KTS has 7.28 posts per day.

    can ANYONE beat that :D
  4. Lucrum


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  5. who's the biggest looser!
    i am humbled in the shadow of the "dog"!
    ROFL! :D
  6. I still vote KTS because of his repeated attacks on steaks- yumm:p :p Each one of those count as 10 to me... lol...
  7. And you've read every one of them, haven't you? Do you also keep a list of your favorites? Of course you do!
  8. i like your wit, i wish you'd post more. i think i understand you, your unappreciated here :D
  9. Lucrum


    :D Well at least you've impressed somebody Gabby. Even if it's only the ET dullard. A reflection on the quality of your post content perhaps?