Who is the Bigger Troll ?

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  1. Below a Post by the Back Stabbing Rat of the Forum, our very own MandelBrothel Da Ratton de La ET!!!!! (whom BTW tries big words but has spelling problem worst than his BO
    his quote from another thread:
    Quote from MandelBrothel:

    No, you aren't supposed to reply when I hit the complain button.

    You're supposed to edit their posts, move them around, start new threads and put "." in place where they had their text based on your own subjective opinions.

    You also are supposed to delete all of their posts from the thread, delete all of their posts from ET, and threaten to ban them in public.

    TROLL "

    and here's what he was told:
    Well, Well, Wellll...look who's talking now?!
    The very father of the Trolls, Master of Profanity and the Stalking Troll king of the Forum!!!!!!
    Here are some of the posts by this phony and disturbed+toilet mouth, toilet cleaner with anger control problem:
    a typical quote of MandelBrothel
    "Fuck off and go find another topic to post while watching your portfolio wither away." [/QUOTE]